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Partner/Prospective Marriage Visa

Partner/Prospective Marriage Visa


The subclass 309 is a temporary partner visa which allows you to live in Australia if you are legally married to or are the de facto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. The 309 is a temporary visa and subclass 100 is the next step, which is Permanent Residency.

The application for this visa has to be made outside of Australia. This is the first stage application, eventually leading towards a permanent Partner visa (subclass 100).You must not be in Australia at the time when Visa is granted. Your partner/spouse has to sponsor you from Australia.

To enroll for subclass 309 visa type,

  • The candidate must be more than 18 years of age or must have a sponsor if the age is less than 18.
  • The candidate must meet all the health and character requirements and must have paid all the debts of the Australian Government.
  • Similarly, to enroll for subclass 100, a candidate must hold a subclass 309 visa and must be in the continued marriage or relationship, abiding with all the Australian laws and conditions.

The Provisional Partner Visa (subclass 309) allows candidates to:

  • Work and study in Australia, without access to government funds
  • And remain in Australia till the time a decision is given by the Australian government about the Permanent Partner Visa.

The applicant and the dependants are also required to satisfy health and character requirements. This visa type also allows applicants to include dependent children in their respective applications.

This visa, eventually leads to Permanent Partner Visa (subclass 100) which is applied on shore. Once you obtain the Permanent Partner visa, you can stay in Australia indefinitely and travel to and fro from Australia.

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