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Atlantic immigration Pilot

Atlantic immigration Pilot

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: This Program was recently launched by the Canadian government for skilled workers and international graduates who want to live permanently in one of the Atlantic provinces of Canada, these provinces are:

  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

To apply under this visa program, candidates have 3 different types to choose from:
Atlantic intermediate-skilled program;
Atlantic high-skilled program and
Atlantic International Graduate Program.

Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program: This program allows the permitted foreign workers to acquire job offers apply for permanent residency. All the candidate has to do is acquire a job offer and submit the respective proof from an employer or institution in Atlantic Canada to the immigration authority. Candidates and applicants with respectable job offers and experience can come under the category of NOC C, provided by the Canadian immigration.


Work experience
  • Candidates most importantly need an experience of a minimum of one year at skill level C within the last 3 years the candidate has spent in Canada or any other respective province.
  • The Canadian immigration has also mentioned a particular number of hours i.e. 1,560 hours per year if then he/she works 30 hours a week.
  • The candidate must also count hours working in part-time or full-time jobs and the hours must be in one occupation and the self-employed job doesn’t count in this category.
Job offer

Applicant must always make sure that the job offer related to his/her experience certificates and proves must be inside an Atlantic institution or employer. There are a few requirements including the fact that the employer must be a designated authority and must have confirmation of Designation from the provinces mentioned.

  • The job must be non seasonal and the length of employment must be permanent.
  • Thus, to sum it up the candidates job offer should be full time and permanent. According to the job skill type given by the Canadian, the job must come under the skill type 0, A, B, or C.
  • The job should also be supported by a provincial certificate of endorsement from the province that indicates that the job and the provided job certificates and documentations are authentic and that a needs of assessment has been completed and a settlement plan is in place for the applicant and each member of his/her family.
  • Also, very importantly, for a perfect and promising job offer, a Canadian secondary or post secondary document and degree/diploma is required.
  • For Canada, a particular document namely ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) is also an option as this particular report must be less than 5 years with respect to the date on the application for Permanent Residency in a Canadian Province.

The candidate must have language tests to show his or her qualification and they must be less than 2 years old.

Candidates also require proof of funds with enough funds to support yourself and your family. After completing all the steps, candidates can also fill out the PR application.

Atlantic High-Skilled Program:

The Atlantic High-Skilled Program a candidate can apply for Canada Permanent Residency can apply if they are eligible to be employed in Atlantic Canada as foreign workers. Candidates falling under the category of NOC 0, A or B may apply.


This program has very peculiar characteristics and necessities to apply. If the candidate is not eligible for this program, he/she should consider the Intermediate Skilled Program to check whether He/She will be ever getting qualified for this Visa program.

Work experience

At least one year at skill type/level 0, A, or B within the last three years is required. In the previous 3 years, candidates are required to work for a minimum of 1,560 hours, where self-employment jobs are not considered and the counted hours must be in one occupation which can be part time or full-time jobs

Job offer

Candidate must secure a job offer related to your work experience from an Atlantic employer.

This job offer should be Full-time or part-time (at least 30 paid hours per week)

  • The job must be non-seasonal and the employer must have a confirmation of designation from the province and must fall under the skill type level 0,A or B.
  • The job offer should most importantly be genuine and must be legal in every single way. There are a certain proves required such as provincial certificate of endorsement from the province. The candidate must also have the required settlement plans for him/her.
  • After the completion of the details and fulfillment of all the forms and necessities for at least one year from the date of the job, permanent residence can be granted to the candidate.

To fulfill the education qualifications under this visa program, a candidate must be a high school or post secondary pass out, with a certified diploma/degree with the Canadian education qualification criteria, ECA (Educational Credential Assessment)

Atlantic International Graduate Program:

Under this visa program, eligible foreign workers with a job offer from an employer in Atlantic Canada can submit their application for Canadian permanent residency. This program also helps international candidate and even graduates to submit their respective applications without the requirement of any work experience. Therefore, candidates don’t require Work experience.

Job offer

You must most importantly acquire a job offer related to your specific work experience from any Atlantic employer.
This job offer should be:

  • Full-time and non-seasonal (at least 30 paid hours per week). This means the job must have regular paid and guaranteed employment throughout the year.
  • A minimum of one year, if the candidate wishes to acquire Permanent Residency.
  • Under the Canadian fixed skill types, that are level 0, A, B, or C
  • Should be supported by a provincial certificate of endorsement from the province. This confirms that the job offer is genuine and that assessment has been completed. The candidate is then finally required to prove and show some of the settlement and adaptability plans and documents to settle in Canada and its provinces.
  • The candidate must have a minimum of a 2-year degree, diploma, certificate, or trade or apprenticeship credential from a recognized and publicly-funded school or college in any Atlantic province.
  • The applicant must be a full time student in Canada up to a minimum of 2 years and he/she must be graduated in the last 12 months as compared to the date of the application form.
  • Graduated in the last 12 months when you apply and you must take one of the language tests to prove the language skills.
  • The candidate must be resided in one of the provinces in the Atlantic for a minimum of 16 months when compared to the last 2 years before his/her graduation. The candidate also need to have a proper Visa and permit for work and study in Canada.
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