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Spouse Visa (Settlement Visa)

Spouse Visa (Settlement Visa)

The UK Spouse Visa also known as Settlement Visa is meant for you if you are in a civil partnership or marriage that is recognized in the UK. Your partner must be a British Citizen or have settled in the UK (they have ‘indefinite leave to remain’ or proof of permanent residence) or have refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK. You both must intend to live together permanently in the UK after you apply. If you application is successful, you will be allowed to live and work in the UK for two and a half years. You can also go out and re-enter the country several times. After staying in the UK for this period, you can then apply to extend your visa for another 2.5 years. Once you have lived in the UK for combined five years; you can apply to live permanently if you are still married and living together.

To qualify you must:
  • be at least 18 years old
  • your spouse lives in UK or planning to move with you to the UK
  • your marriage is legal and recognized in the UK.
  • you both intend to live as partners permanently
  • financially support yourself and your dependants
  • have a good knowledge of English

Note - If you are applying to join your proposed civil partner / fiancé / fiancée, you must meet the above requirements and you must intend to get married within 6 months of your arrival. England is a very organized country with a rigorous bureaucratic system. It becomes important to follow the precise rules laid down in the procedures to avoid possible rejection of the application because of a seemingly minor technical detail. The team at ESS Global specializes in immigration to the UK, including visas for spouses of English citizens.

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